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Self-care for Clergy

Introduction to the Self Care Manual

A journey from ‘workaholism’ to self-care consciousness.
This resource is created in recognition of the need for self-care practice to protect the health and
wellbeing of Clergy as they take on their important and valued work with individuals, families and
communities who are living with ever increasing levels of emotional distress. In his book Riding The Dragon Robert Wicks draws the following analogy between ministers and camels: “Camels are fascinating animals. They can walk through the desert carrying their cargo for days without water. They are able to carry very heavy burdens. Yet, even these wonderfully sturdy animals will dry up, fall down, and die if they are unable to find water and rest at some point . . . Like sturdy animals, ministers are able to journey with others in the most difficult circumstances, helping them to shoulder their burdens through psychological and spiritual deserts, but for them to survive
and thrive they must find oases of peace and joy or they will dry up themselves . . . And so they need to be aware of their own oases and renewal zones. Renewal zones are essential if we are to remain compassionate and grateful. “

Self care booklet

flourish-self-care-book-press-2017-1 (1) (pdf)